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Villa Molli, the project by Lorenzo Guzzini on the Lake Como



Villa Molli is the name of the latest project designed by Lorenzo Guzzini on the Lake Como and located in an area characterised by a double inclination and an amazing view of the Comacina island: these two elements  generated the idea of composition of the building.

It consists of two higher volumes at the ends of the lot, connected on the ground floor by a large living room and on the first floor by a terrace: the indoor lounge is spread over 5 different levels, to generate different perceptions of the lake, while the choice to divide the building into two bodies was also to take advantage of the exposed sides to the island; internally, the spatial tension is given by the passage between sleeping and living areas and by the continuous passage from light to shadow in the paths that make the spaces alive.

In addition, the detail of the cladding in stone is inspired by the traditional constructions of the lake while the idea to rotate the volume of ninety degrees to each other, is given by the strong link with the place; finally, the pool in the villa is not here a mere cliché, but it represents the boundary between the interior and the exterior landscape of Villa Molli.

Photography is by Giorgio Marafioti