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ZDA, the minimal architecture of Casa Miti between wood and cement



To complete the Casa Miti project in Brescia, the architects of ZDA – Zupelli Design Architettura have redefined a flat according to a new morphology which rethinks and reshapes the spaces, projecting them into the current layout as follows: living room-kitchen, service bathroom, single bedroom, double bedroom and bathroom.

Minimalism is the strength of the project: balances of geometric shapes and colour gradations in soft and warm tones at the same time induce a sense of harmony and domestic relaxation, with calibrated aesthetic short-circuits to shake up the general architectural key.

The atmosphere, sober but distinctive, is characterized by the architectural cement finishes and the choice of contrasting wood; in continuity with all the rooms, cement is the stylistic solution that also interprets the bathroom cladding, while wood – as in a dynamic and intermittent dialogue – is the material that appears and disappears but always returns, in the exposed ceiling for example: together with the large opening of the living room onto the terrace, the two creative impulses of greatest impact in the homogeneity of Casa Miti.

Sometimes seemingly elusive, as in the case of the cupboards that design the spaces of the house in which the kitchen, the doors leading to the rooms and wardrobes are “hidden”, while the lighting is mostly technical, with only a few decorative pieces.

Last but not least, a significant detail: other important furniture elements, from the wall cupboards to the bed, from the boiserie to the dining table and the kitchen, were entirely custom-designed by ZDA. And the general atmosphere becomes unique.