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A GUEST LODGE, the exotic soul of an apartment in Berlin



In the heart of Berlin, the CARLO Berlin Architektur & Interior Design studio has transformed a flat into A GUEST LODGE, a special home designed to welcome guests and visitors during their stay in this German city and to convey the memories and sensations felt by the hosts during their life experiences.

Sources of inspiration were the calming sensations of childhood days spent in the Swiss Alps as well as the enthusiastic remarks of their children about their holidays surfing on the Spanish Atlantic coast. The two very different scenarios were conceptualised as murals thanks to the collaboration with artist Anna Talens who portrayed and reproduced both overlapping layers of mountains and magical waves.

The characteristic fluidity of the mural is transferred organically through the elaborate curvatures of the kitchenette furniture, which, thanks to their rattan surface, not only provide an efficient solution for air circulation, but also result in a perfect stylistic match in tune with the emotions you feel on a beach.

The whole lounge area is enveloped by a tent like roofing, a work of pure craftsmanship, which, besides being an elegant and striking aesthetic solution, also conceals a home cinema system and a projection screen in the ceiling.

In addition, there are some important details such as the built-in wardrobe in the room with its handmade fabric surface with artistic motifs as well as the arched passageways reminiscent of ancient Moroccan plaster façades. Finally, the installation of a sauna with the warm colours of wood fits in perfectly with the room.

The Z316 collection by Zazzeri in the bathrooms and the kitchen

THE GUEST LODGE has two bathrooms: the main bathroom is characterised by raspberry-coloured tones while the second bathroom by eucalyptus-coloured nuances. All taps and fittings are by Zazzeri and the CARLO Berlin studio opted for the Z316 steel collection in the Copper finish. For the washbasins, the wall-mounted concealed mixer solution, without plate, with a 160 mm long spout. Both showers are equipped with an Ø 220 inspectable anti-limescale wall-mounted shower head and 2-way concealed mixer with diverter and hand shower.

Also in the kitchen, the single lever sink mixer with swivel neck is Z316, which is the first collection in AISI 316/L stainless steel by Zazzeri, perfect for the bathroom and kitchen where the visible parts, as well as all the built-in parts, are made of stainless steel in order to obtain the maximum of functionality and outstanding hygienic qualities.