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Antolini at Marmomac, the eclectic emotion of natural stone



Returning to the Fiera di Verona from the 26th to the 29th of September, Marmomac is the most important international trade fair focused on the entire stone production chain, from the culture of the product to the design solutions in the luxury and contract sectors with a schedule full of events, workshops, and talks.

In this context, Antolini, the leading Italian company of marble, will be present with a stand curated by Alessandro La Spada and some of its latest eclectic collections: Cristallo Vitrum is a wonder of Nature that, with its translucent transparency, evokes the image of a sheet of glacial ice. Then there is Patagonia Vitrum, natural quartz embellished with different types of natural mineral incursions. And finally, Amazonite, a quartzite featuring stunning and intense turquoise tones that contrast dramatically with the emerald green in the background, alternating with warmer and more neutral nuances.

Cristallo Vitrum

The stand is a skillfully designed space that will contain a series of environments coordinated around the colors of these latest, completely new collections, focusing on emotional surfaces to discover the infinite potential of the Antolini collections’ natural stones: from the two-dimensional surfaces of the decorative slabs to the three-dimensional furnishing elements, and the fine detail of the Lady A jewelry collection.

Patagonia Vitrum

And, as the brand’s CEO Alberto Antolini announced: “The Museo Infinitum, an experience designed and created to bring the new textural finishes of our Textures+ Collection to life, will also be part of the stand.” Our propensity for constant innovation has led us to discover more than 50 special finishes that further enhance the beauty of natural stones and open up new horizons. We firmly believe that the union between tradition and innovation is the key to celebrating the essence and elegance of our products created by Mother Nature over the course of millions of years.”