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Newform Ufficio, three desks for coworking spaces



In an age in which coworking and smart office concepts are becoming increasingly popular, desks need to be thought of in a smart way, to encourage productivity through sharing.

The three models of desks signed by Newform UfficioKobe, Hook and Eidos Pro – are the perfect combination of idea of smart office and professional concept, for dynamic and contemporary spaces.


The Kobe collection, with its essential and versatile design, defines its bold character through the presence of the so-called “recessed tops”: these are desktops directly inserted into the metal profile to lighten the overall structure, improving at the same time functionality and practicality, thanks also to a series of composable service furnishings. In addition, there is a number of chromatic and stylistic options available in the catalogue.


A professional and stimulating space is guaranteed by Hook, signed by Karim Rashid: designed to transmit a tranquil and positive mood, the desk results extremely multifaceted for his modularity and textures, completely customizable. The predisposition of clean surfaces, equipped with LED lights and – optionally – of a second lower worktop, allow to create a work routine and, thus, influence productivity. Then, the structure is completed by translucent screens and side panels to underline that in a coworking space everybody is invited to share projects and relations.

Eidos Pro

Finally, the latest Eidos Pro, that promotes the concept of a contemporary workspace to foster all the activities that cannot be done by remote. For this purpose, the desks can be equipped with an electric or selectable liftable structure, to easily change the worktop height and combine privacy with the possibility to easily work in a team.

With their comfortable and lightweight design, Eidos Pro, Hook and Kobe enhance the idea of coworking by making it an even freer and more stimulating way of working.