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ItalianElements, style and well-being for the RELIEF line

November 20, 2020

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ItalianElements, style and well-being for the RELIEF line


Beautiful, performing and eco-sustainable: these are the products of the RELIEF line by ItalianElements, a collection with a classic spirit whose new proposals with art fronts and sophisticated lacquerings can be suitable in modern interiors.

The matt or glossy structure with contrasting woods also opaque or glossy expresses precious variants that correspond to different personal moods: trust, innerstrength, love for details, serenity.

In addition, today, thanks to the special ECOPUR lacquering, these products are transformed into an air purifier, antibacterial and antiviral, without consuming energy thanks to new properties based on special mixtures, natural processes and inert mineral salts.

The ionizing effect breaks down atmospheric dust and activates oxygen molecules in the air, making it purer and healthier, just like a big tree would do; moreover, the antibacterial and antiviral effect allows the non-proliferation of germs, bacteria and viruses keeping the surface always sanitized.

The result is a proposal that offers new colors (including the Beige visible in the images), new sensations and new properties, designed to make RELIEF the ideal solution to furnish a home where style meets daily well-being.