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Kobe, minimal design and versatility for the new collection by Newform Ufficio



Minimal design and versatile solutions, conceived to express real professionalism’s values: the new Kobe collection by Newform Ufficio is suitable for any workspace thanks to its simple, linear style and its chromatic choices that, between more or less unusual combinations and shades, give character and enrich every element of the collection.

Protagonists of the new Kobe collection are the desktops, whose particularity lies in their ”flushness”: desktops are, in fact, immersed in metal structures in order to lighten the design, to eliminate overlapping or unnecessary thicknesses, and to play with colours; among the many finishes and materials available, an interesting choice is the use of Fenix NTM, which gives the surface anti-fingerprint and pleasantly soft-touch technological properties.

To increase the functionality and make usable and organized the space around each workstation, Kobe offers a series of service units, boiserie, shelves and modular wall units.

The boiseries decorate the walls with coloured wooden panelling and thin metal shelves, wall units – matchable with shelves – create customizable compositions mixing open units with wall cabinets.

Finally, service units can fit into desks to offer an additional support surface and plenty of storage space, but, in this case, very original are the drawers characterized by a particular grip vertical profile handle.

There are many versions and variants of Kobe furnishing accessories which will be launched on the market between the end of 2020 and the course of 2021, in order to make the space in which people have to work as comfortable and welcoming as possible. Because form matters, but substance matters more.