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Hotel Centro Soggiorno San Servolo, Alfonso Femia’s sustainable hospitality



Inaugurated in July, during the 2021 Architecture Biennale, Hotel Centro Soggiorno San Servolo designed by Alfonso Femia / AF*Design overlooks the Venetian lagoon between Sant’Elena and the Venice Lido.

The chromatic essence of the area is fundamental and the architects eliminated the boundary between exterior and interior with the green area of the park, one of the largest and oldest parks of the city.

The renovated building is now a collective space that welcomes the function of hospitality declined in spaces for meetings, work, and study, where shades of blue are the dominant tones that transform the walls of the stairwells and common areas, inspired by the stratified memories in the building.

The project includes 18 rooms characterized by Staygreen furnishings in structured cellulose, with high-performance and minimum thickness Liuni vinyl floors to reduce surface-level changes.

The hotel rooms offer opportunities to slow down and reflect, also thanks to the surrounding textures and to the masterful intervention of Studio Tapiro who created an evocative graphic system of the lagoon’s underwater ecosystem, fully expressed by the hall, a space of connection, departure, and arrival.

The extraordinary echo of the lagoon and the Mediterranean was transferred on the walls of the rooms, through the photographs taken by Salvatore Greco, Mario Ferrara, Luc Boegly and Stefano Anzini, and printed on the head-bed walls.

Light moves through the geometries and when the natural light is gone for the day, playful suspended elements, colored lamps shaped like fruits – Ciuli Fruli by Martinelli Luce – discretely lead the guests into the serene dimension of the night.

The eco-compatibility of the materials and products, starting with the choice of local suppliers from Veneto and surrounding areas, was one of the main aspects of the project.

Particular attention must be paid to the research carried out by Staygreen to develop furniture that is truly consistent – in its material and manufacturing processes – with the concept of environmental sustainability. The seats are made of structured cellulose (KS56) composed of mixed percentages of wood fiber, recycled paper, and natural glues obtained from pea starch, externally finished in “Solid Green”, a technique patented by Staygreen for the creation of a completely ecological product.

Hotel Centro Soggiorno San Servolo: exclusive hospitality and sustainable innovation.