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Twill by Taplab Wallcovering, from fabric to wallcovering design



Twill is the only fabric having a frame with diagonal lines of 45-degree slope due to a particular weaving of weft and warp threads, that creates its characteristic “herringbone” pattern.

The new Twill collection designed by TapLab Wall Covering in collaboration with Dainelli Studio, was inspired by the magical complexity of warp and weft, and transferred the same appeal on wallpapers obtaining an aesthetic result of great cleanliness and elegance.

The geometry of the English twill creates a remarkable light and dark geometric play on paper, thus showing a graphic motif with a strong visual impact and a very material appearance: from the simplest variant, where the dark stroke draws the pattern on a pure white canvas, to the more optical ones, with the timeless combination of black&white and some gray incursions, getting to variations dominated by chromatic combinations of natural tones.

TapLab Wall Covering method in the development of this collection together with Dainelli Studio was a tailoring one: the result is a fresh collection with a strong character, giving personality to any type of living space.

Finally, high quality reproduction of each pattern from the Twill collection can be obtained on every TapLab finish, that is to say on LabTela vinyl covering, LabJewel or LabGlassfiber.

From fabric to design.