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Kreoo, three collections celebrate marble as a covering



A modular game for floor and wall coverings dedicated to residential and hospitality projects: Kreoo plays it, focusing on optical effects, two-color patterns and bas-relieves with three exclusive collections of coverings which shape decorative motifs in natural stone, from the celebration of natural elements, to the choice of weaves that recall tissues or traditional decorative patterns.


Three-dimensional experimentation on marble has led to Panama designed by Enzo Berti, the collection of coverings that converts the material into a precious weave. It features a subtle weave made up overlapping two layers. The first one in natural stone (to be selected from eight different types), which runs horizontally and creates a set of lines. The second one, with a thin metal round bar in golden brass or chrome metal finish, which runs vertically. Their encounter creates a dynamic wrap with a gentle wave effect, which can be installed on the wall in various rooms, including the bathroom. Panama is available in 60×30 cm tiles, with a thickness of 2 cm.


Marble is crossed by soft lines in the collection of Zen coverings, designed by Marco Piva and characterized by an asymmetrical flow that instills a feeling of calm, tranquillity, and closeness to nature. The lightness of dunes or sea waves inspire its texture, which enhances its veins in the play of different depths. Six are the types of marble proposed in the catalog for this decor, usable in any kind of environment including bathrooms, and proposed in modular format of 60×60 cm, with a thickness of 2 cm.


Finally, contemporary games of geometric shapes, creating precious decorations, give the name to the models Étoile, Pois, Carré, and Baguette, which together complete the Ducale collection, designed by Enzo Berti. In the four coverings, inspired by the decorative motifs typical of Venetian palaces, the marble surface, proposed in ten different types, is mixed with other materials such as Murano glass, brass, and semi-precious stones, which are crafted to obtain refined inlays, luminous and polychrome, with which it is possible to create horizontal or vertical surfaces in interior design. The four versions of Ducale are offered in the 60×60 cm format, with a thickness of 2 cm.