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Luca Nichetto and Ethimo present the new Lucerna


Lucerna is the new portable, rechargeable outdoor lamp from Ethimo: the design experience of Ethimo and the creativity of Luca Nichetto come together and create an unusual, evocative lighting accessory, its sharp, elegant looks conceived to generate new moods in outdoor illumination. 

With its perfectly waterproof illuminating body containing LED lights, battery and recharging system, and a blown glass diffuser, Lucerna is a lantern with a contemporary feel and nomadic spirit: it can be moved about easily and placed on the floor, on a table or hung up, depending on where it is used, because a special ring on the top of the lamp acts as a handy grip or decorative hook for hanging from above or on a wall.

Lucerna comes in both a portable, rechargeable version with built-in batteries and pull-out cable, and with a fixed power cable; the part in anodised metal can have a brushed steel or brass finish, while the glass is available in three refined, delicate colours: smoky, anthracite grey and amber.

Created as an outdoor lighting element, the lamp is also perfect as a decorative article in gardens and patios, thanks to its amazing light effects that suggest a new way of lighting up and enhancing today’s outdoor locations.