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LYBRA shower arm, Damast’s new idea for bathroom


How to make your bathroom more comfortable and contemporary without intervening on masonry? The answer lies in #doccetteria Damast: with brass chromed LYBRA shower arm, you can replace the bathtub with a larger shower or a walk-in, or improve the shower environment with a higher jet.

Lybra Q shower arm with Saturno 20Q shower head.

The LYBRA shower arm is different from the standard ones because it develops in height instead of simply extending outwards. Its shape rises at a 90° angle and has a development of about 150 mm to allow the water supply point to be further raised without masonry interventions. It is available with two versions, flat version LYBRA Q and round version LYBRA T.

Lybra Q shower arm with Relax 20Q shower head.

In addition, the LYBRA wall-mounted shower arm is very useful in the event of renovations if the water outlet is lower than the standard, without forgetting that the wall connection and the one on the shower head can be completely inspected for effective cleaning.

Damast offers the single shower arm or kits already composed with round or square shower heads of various sizes, exclusively in the chromed version. LYBRA can in fact be combined with the VENERE, RELAX and DELFINO round shower heads, with a diameter of 200 mm, or with the SATURNO, RELAX and PETALO square shower heads, with a size of 200×200 mm.

Brass chromed LIBRA Q shower with Saturno 20Q shower head; shower mixer and LEO shower hand, with 150 cm flexible hose; LOTO shower seat.

To complete the shower environment set, the LYBRA KIT can be combined with the built-in mixers with a round design and square design, with the hand showers complete with flexible hose and water connection, and also with the LOTO folding seat, useful for children, adults, the elderly, people with mobility difficulties.

In white ABS (dimensions 355×332 mm) and with a water-resistant aluminum structure and with a maximum capacity of 150 kg, LOTO is composed of a single seat with rounded corners with a harmonious design in the centre, small inlaid drops close between them, almost forming a flower – the lotus – useful for the flow of water without it depositing on the seat.

In Damast products, style always goes hand in hand with functionality.