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Memorie, the polychromatic collection with vintage shades by Sartoria



Based on a balance between past and present, Memorie is the new collection launched during the Milan Design Week by Sartoria, the Terratinta Group brand dedicated to the exploration of materials and colour in a sort of journey into memories projected towards the future.

Luca Migliorini, CEO of Terratinta Group, explained:

“For us, respect for tradition goes hand in hand with experimentation in both shapes and styles. This product was very well received in Milan, and the opportunity to play with colours and shades allows this collection to be versatile, adapting to all kinds of contexts, from contract to residential.”

There are 14 bright and decisive colours proposed in the 6.5x13cm size in a new brick shape that goes back to the artisan ceramic tradition, the memory from which Sartoria took inspiration for this polychromatic collection with vintage shades.

In addition, the glossy finish achieved thanks to a latest-generation crystallin embellishes this vintage tile size, offering new nuances and subtle shading made possible by the use of digital technology.

The colours are never monotonous but rich in depth and contrast thanks to the richness of the glaze that embellishes and gives depth. From Bianco Antico to Merletto and Nuvola, from Cinerino to Chiaro di Luna, Memorie proposes an unusual variety that allows you to indulge in a selection of shades of green (Giada, Muschio, Edera and Oltremare), the precious blue tones of Topazio, Blu Reale and Blu di Prussia, to end with the warm Cipria and Scarlatto.

In conclusion, with Memorie Sartoria makes an inclusive effort to create new spaces where modern design can look back and reinvent a new concept of vintage 2.0.