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Metal-effect surfaces, the metropolitan look by Casalgrande Padana



Designed for modern living areas and metropolitan spaces, the metal-effect porcelain stoneware surfaces by Casalgrande Padana offer a perfect reproduction of the oxidation and chrome effects and the typical appearance of metals.

The soft texture of the colour palette and the wide range of sizes (from the classic 30×60 cm to the large 90×90 cm and 60×120 cm options) make these surfaces the ideal choice for the floors and walls; in addition, metal-effect stoneware wall tiles can also be used to create a wallpaper effect as an accent feature for small or larger areas of walls, creating attractive combinations in which the ceramic tiles on the walls engage with those on the floor.

The excellent technical performance and impressive resistance, teamed with the availability of a natural surface for indoors and an anti-slip surface for outdoors, make the metal-effect stoneware by Casalgrande Padana the ideal material to create a seamless indoor-through-to-outdoor look.

The tiles are composed exclusively of natural raw materials, free from glazes, plastic, and harmful substances, and are obtained using a closed-cycle production process, in which elaborate anti-pollution equipment allows for the recycling and complete recovery of all the components, with substantially zero emissions and dispersion.

Non-allergenic, fire-resistant, antibacterial and self-cleaning (thanks to the Bios Ceramics technology that can be applied on request), non-absorbent and with excellent bending strength, Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware tiles finally withstand temperature fluctuations and do not warp, whatever the latitude, always guaranteeing excellent mechanical resistance that makes them unalterable over the years and suitable for all kinds of settings and applications, from residential buildings to commercial architecture.