Nature, the new rustic-chic style by Casalgrande Padana

June 11, 2021

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Nature, the new rustic-chic style by Casalgrande Padana


Casalgrande Padana presents Nature, the new collection of ceramic tiles that brings a contemporary twist to the typical materials of the Italian tradition, with a palette of rich shades that recall the natural vibrations of the earth.

The Nature collection is composed of a warm, enveloping range of six different shades (Argilla, Calce, Creta, Lava, Sabbia and Terra), available in six different formats (from 10×30 cm to 30×60 and 60×60 cm and from 45×90 cm up to 90×90 cm and 60×120 cm), with natural and lapped surfaces (in the new Silk version) for indoors, and an antislip surface for outdoors, as well as a new series of 8.2×25 cm brick-effect decorations in porcelain stoneware.

The combination of three different formats (30×60 cm, 60×90 cm and 60×120 cm) also makes it possible to create a geometric composition, ideal for drawing attention to the ceramic tiles and making them the focal point of the whole setting.

Relaxing colours and delicate colour vibrations team with the outstanding qualities of porcelain stoneware to shape tiles suitable for all kinds of surfaces indoors and out, for both flooring and coverings; in particular, Nature perfectly interprets the rustic-chic style, one of the most popular styles with the new generations.

Thanks to the 20 mm thickness, the Nature stone-effect stoneware tiles can be laid outdoors, glued to screed to guarantee excellent load resistance, or dry-laid directly on sand, gravel or grass, thus obtaining flooring that can be walked on straight away.

In addition, thanks to the natural surface for indoors and the antislip surface for outdoors, flooring and coverings can be designed with perfectly matching colours and materials, or with pleasantly contrasting shades.

Finally, Nature stoneware tiles are so versatile that they can be used for all kinds of applications: from residential constructions and public buildings to restoration work.