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Novacolor, the decorative furnishing you can sense with your eyes in Taiwan



Textural coatings and colours are leading a rising trend in contemporary decorative décor, inspired by nature and a dynamic sensory perception that relies on touch as well as sight.

In tune with this trend, Novacolor, which for over 35 years has been the San Marco Group‘s Italian brand dedicated to interior decoration, is the protagonist of the residential project in Taipei (Taiwan) by Guru Interior Design Consultant, with its partner EMILY Art Deco.

Marmur Fine

Marmur Fine, a fine-grained mass-coloured lime and marble powder-based plaster, enlivens the dynamic perception of the main living-room wall by enhancing its sculptural quality of being a ‘moving’ surface reminiscent of the swaying of a soft curtain that vibrates thanks to an entrancing cloud-like aesthetic.

Animamundi, a softly metallised decorative coating, brings an innovative interpretation of the concept of ‘washed concrete‘ with textural effects that are striking yet also softened by the value of a metallic finish. Thus, a bedroom wall can provide a ‘concrete’ visual perception, with a material accent and a fine satin sheen.

The decision to invest in soft, comfortable colours combines the generosity of both coverings in terms of sustainability and ecological compatibility.


Marmur Fine is an eco-friendly product, certified Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold, that ensures a healthy indoor living environment. This special certificate actually combines all European VOC emission regulations and almost all voluntary VOC emission labels, including not only testing and screening for thousands of chemicals, but also an internal quality programme, thereby ensuring that low-emission products are produced cyclically.

Animamundi, certified REDcert², fosters a new approach in industrial production given by the Biomass Balance, which concretely contributes to environmental sustainability. Throughout the production cycle, this coating reduces carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere due to the massive replacing of fossil resources with renewable resources from biomass, as well as the recycling of waste destined for scrap and disposal.

Marmur Fine

In Taiwan, textural style goes hand in hand with sustainability, thanks to Novacolor-branded decoration innovation.