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Supersalone, Milano Bedding and Simone Micheli present Freddie



At the Supersalone in September, Milano Bedding worked together with the architect Simone Micheli to create the new Freddie sofa bed and armchair bed, marking a new concept of the living area.

The model, thanks to its light, slender and welcoming design, transforms the living room into a multitasking space; the soft geometries with rounded edges and generous stuffing, with additional cushions for lumbar support, are a promise of maximum seating comfort that conceals, inside, without being noticed, a bed with a 200 cm long mattress.

Further featuring Freddie and making it a new piece of furniture, the slanted feet resume its fluid and harmonious line: these, 16cm high, in chromed steel or with black nickel finish, contribute to making Freddie light and elegant in its informality.

Furthermore, the model, which is a true example of Italian craftsmanship, can be made with many covers, to fit in and harmonize any environment, individually or with fixed or convertible models.

As Simone Micheli says: “Fluidity, essentiality, harmony feature Freddie’s sense of content and expression. A sofa bed that seems not to be. This iconic design element represents a perfect synthesis of my design creed: transforming the complexity of our time into simplicity“.