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Syphaspot, the new spectacular Chandelier by Catellani & Smith



From the outdoor space to the indoor space: the spectacular sphere that characterizes the Syphasfera lamp by Catellani & Smith has been reimagined in the form of the new modular Syphaspot Chandelier, designed for residential spaces and contract projects.

A remarkable visual impact comes from the captivating lighting effects generated by the interaction between the irregular surface of the Syphasfera glass sphere and the illumination provided by the 24V light sources of Spot Light. Thin cables support the pendants, which can be positioned at different heights and arranged in multiple compositions, to meet various lighting requirements.

The Syphaspot chandelier is available in compositions with 20, 25 and 35 pendants, as well as in a different number of elements and bases in various sizes and finishes. Also the base of Syphaspot can be customized upon request.

Thanks to the transparency of the glass sphere and the thin cables that suspend the pendants, Syphaspot distinguishes itself for being and elegant, lightweight and luminous composition, capable of enhancing various settings in contract projects, hospitality and private residences.