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The Luxury of Italian Style, Simone Micheli goes to Tirana


The luxury of Italian style, home, hotel, living space is the unequivocal title chosen by the architect Simone Micheli for his exhibition organised in Tirana (Albany) from the 10th to 20th of December 2019 in order to deliver to the public the striving for beauty, a typical feature of the Italian Style.

Each space of the exhibition is transformed into a real work of art that the user tests, touches, lives and makes experience of: from contemporary hospitality essentials to the smart, interactive and modern home; from the living areas where the functions blend and the spaces combine, to the well-being of the mind and body, that becomes a priority in an age in which the pace of life is becoming more and more hectic.

Thirteen macro-areas that the visitor will be able to cross constitute the independent nuclei of a journey that works as a whole, as a living organism, dynamo and eternal flow that leads man to the discovery of knowledge.

The projects of the exhibition are all designed by the architect Simone Micheli and created with attention to detail, while the spaces are captivating and perfumed with delicate and lovely scents: the result is an engaging journey that, going through the focal points of the Italian Style, communicates the contemporary conception of luxury and this act is performed through design objects whose creation goes beyond the combination of form and function, rather the eye is able to look into the future and grasp what the next design scene will look like.

The exhibition, in partnership with Matrix4Design and made possible thanks to the support of agencies, institutions and selected partner companies (Alessandro Bini, Antique Mirror, Axolight, Barel, Bruno Parquet, Cordivari Design, Eterno Ivica Insenso by Welcome, Novellini, Piscina & Wellness, Rubinetterie Fiorentine, Simas, Snowhite, Tessaro Group), is set up as a bridge that is necessary, fascinating and links two different cultures, the Italian and Albanian one, made of strong contrasts and interesting matches.