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Wonderglass at Milan Design Week


Wonderglass is a brand founded in 2013 by Maurizio and Christian Mussati so as to combine traditional Italian craftsmanship with contemporary design developed in collaboration with many different architects and designers.

This year, on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2018, Wonderglass revealed two different projects in collaboration with Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Fornasetti and london-based studio Raw Edges.

First of all, at the Istituto dei Ciechi in Milan, the multisensory experience called Kosmos welcomed visitors in a glittering installation featuring the company’s latest collections, while at the Spazio Krizia building there was a series of 30 moving lamps by Raw Edges developed and crafted in collaboration with Wonderglass.

The Bouroullecs’ Alcova is a collection of handcrafted geometric objects in three different shapes: the vessels and alcoves are made of thick glass and can be displayed stalked in groups or individually; at the same space, Through the Clouds by Fornasetti is a daydream-like installation blending printed and lacquered metal with blown glass.

In addition to Kosmos, the series of 30 moving lamps by Raw Edges has been crafted by Wonderglass, and belongs to Horah collection, which takes its name from the popular israeli dance which serves as the main reference for this unforgettable installation.