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Casa Bona, from an old barn to a minimal-chic house



Based on the respect for the original structure of the rural heritage, the renovation project Casa Bona, designed by ZDA – Zupelli Design Architettura, combines tradition with modernity starting from the shell of an old barn.

The renovation project emphasises the contrast between the aesthetic lines of the existing building and the new construction elements.

While on the street side the perspective and material continuity of the existing curtain wall has been preserved, in the inner courtyard, between the vertical structures of the original pillars, special windows have been created with essential painted aluminium profiles.

Inside, the room is characterised by the presence of double height in the living area, which allows a glimpse of the light-painted wooden roof; in addition, all the walls of the home are painted in a soft colour contrasting with the iron staircase, which was handcrafted to replicate the minimalist, dark lines of the window and door frames.

Casa Bona, located in the province of Brescia, is a minimal house that turns its rural roots into its main strength.