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Collodi Primary School: Settanta7’s sustainable school, open to citizens



A space open to citizens, a new place for social life, tailored on youths: this is the Collodi school complex, renovated by Settanta7 studio including the construction of a new gym, the expansion of a library and teaching-dedicated spaces.

Contemporary design and criteria of environmental sustainability characterize the structure, which covers 1500 square metres and has been conceived and created as a function of the strong link with the outdoor green space, so as to not lose the connection between the existing building and the new gym, and also fully respecting the historical architecture of the school, which was designed in the 50s by Asnago and Vender.

The new CONI approved gym, which hosts changing rooms, lavatories and an infirmary, in fact picks up some traits of the existing school, particularly in the gabled roof, making the covering a strongly characterizing and identifiable element of the project.

Underlined by the chromatic choice, the balance between the new block and the existing construction makes the new structure a space thought to be welcoming and open to citizens even beyond normal school hours.

Attention towards high energy efficiency, the environment and correct lighting are other distinctive features of the new structure, built without any mobility barriers and with solutions tailored on the users.

Thanks to the large window on the main façade, the strong presence of natural light offers ideal training conditions, while the choice of using local recycled material with a low content of volatile dust ensures the construction of healthy and comfortable buildings for the youths.

Volumes have been designed following the principles of bioclimatic architecture, allowing for a reduction of running and maintenance costs thanks to the use of materials such as zinc-titanium for the thermal shell and to the presence of photovoltaic panels, LED illumination and an integrated heating system, which is functional to the different areas of the structure.

Another characteristic of the project is the choice of a combined high quality structural system made entirely of different kinds of wood, depending on the intended use. As well as guaranteeing the structure a high performance in terms of seismic safety and quick assembly, wood also contributes to its energy efficiency and to its environmental sustainability.

Complex laminated wood pillars and beams were chosen to form the structural portals of the sport complex in the primary structure, thus leaving ample free spans within the gym. The result is a building with a strong connotation, evoking an idea of modernity and dynamism thanks to the natural material and to the warm tones that blend with the surrounding environment.

Instead, x-lam panels were chosen for the outer walls and the interstorey slabs which make up the second structure. The characteristic of the proposed solution is that the walls can be made directly at the factory following an intuitive assembling of the structure that guarantees a quick execution of the intervention.

Lastly, regarding the interior fittings, porcelain stoneware covering damp areas like changing rooms and toilets, the CONI approved sound absorbing floor for the sport flooring and washable water paints give a new dimension to the design solution, that in this way integrates contemporary aesthetic needs with the need for collective sustainability.