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Modes Porto Cervo, a gallery-like retail space in Sardinia



The luxury fashion retailer MODES inaugurated its first store in Porto Cervo (Sardinia), designed by Gonzalez Haase Architects to combine a unique location with visual arts, in tune with the backdrop fo the island, its colorful construction and vegetation.

The architects set out to recreate Nordic weather-like movements made up of neutral grey shapes and surfaces, covering all floors, walls and ceilings, complete with curtains made of metallic fibre that add both dynamism and light reflection to the composition.

Likewise, uniform lighting suspended near the ceiling contradicts what would be expected in such a climate, calling to reference the cool light of Northern regions and allowing bright accents, found throughout the space, to truly come to life.

Across the three floors that make up the space, large display blocks, each unique in their shape and size, were crafted with a palette of one or two colours: within the grey context, in fact, their form and vibrant presence float much like the buoys at sea in the wide bay of Porto Cervo;  in addition, the display surfaces for MODES’ iconic collection are custom made and treated with various metal finishes, such as galvanised, anodised, brushed or high polished for a neutral, unintrusive presence.

According to the architects, the new MODES store in Porto Cervo is a gallery-like space, a shell of glamour in one of the most fascinating places in Italy.