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Damast, Giuseppe Reale talks about the future of #doccetteria



Founded in Novara, in the area of the most important Italian sanitary fittings district, for twenty years Damast has been a leading company in the production of showers, shower heads and up-and-down showers, committed to promoting a new way of experiencing the bathroom through its concept of #doccetteria. Damast’s shower culture, based on high quality products made in Italy, is now expressed in solutions designed to offer beauty, functionality and respect for the environment, presented in a completely renewed catalog and exhibited in the main trade fairs. With Giuseppe Reale, sales and marketing manager of Damast, we talked about the latest news of the brand and the objectives for 2022. Here’s what he told us.

Giuseppe Reale, sales and marketing manager of Damast

In 2021 Damast presented the new catalog, with a completely renewed concept. How did you choose to show the world of Damast?

Beautiful to leaf through and to read, the General Catalogue 2021 has been a great success, marking a major step in the evolution of Damast. It consists of 250 pages translated into 4 languages – including Russian and Arabic for the first time – that collect the notes of a symbolic journey in Italy full of suggestions, among cultures, arts and lifestyles. We thought of it as an itinerary that is also open to changes: the variety of products and the possibility of customizing our showers, in fact, help our customers to take time to reflect. Today we are used to having everything immediately and it is a pity, we need to have more patience and also the freedom to change our minds several times before making a final decision. Here, the dialogue between the shapes enhances the materials and embellishes the finishes of the more than 4000 available combinations: square, rectangular or round up to the most massive or very light, or ultra-flat. From the traditional chrome-plated brass to the practical and eternal stainless steel, from the manageable and lightweight ABS to the rose gold or brushed black finishes, the collections are also presented through evocative bathroom environments with great personality, capable of restoring the sensations of a perfect shower anywhere and at any time.

Damast  Steel Q 2vie Soffione Relax

The theme of sustainability and resource saving is a constant incentive for Damast to propose increasingly sophisticated solutions in terms of water saving. What are the novelties in this field?

Damast has always been sensitive to water and energy saving, a very topical issue that offers various levels of interpretation. We declare loudly what is the essential assumption: investing in sustainability means first of all to choose quality products. This is an integral part of our philosophy, which is based on the culture of conscious purchasing, to be understood as the first concrete action in favor of safeguarding the planet. This is in fact the first step to avoid the most expensive costs of industrial civilization, those of waste disposal that inevitably grow out of all proportion with disposable products. Efficient, high-performance showers like those made by Damast make all the difference, both in the home and in the hospitality sector, where the quality of supplies is fundamental, given the multiple stresses involved. Beautiful, resistant and technological, they are ideal combined with high resistance anti-torsion hoses, in the up and down kits or with shower columns. The company’s attention is not only focused on the type of supply, strictly within 9 liters, moreover indicated by the government bonus. To determine the waste of water very often are also the incrustations: the layer of limestone also creates a physical barrier to the passage of water that, in the case of a system equipped with autoclave, increases consumption and dispersion. This is why components such as nozzles equipped with a silicon terminal with an Easy Clean device for easy removal of limescale, as well as gaskets that are also eco-compatible, are indispensable: anti-limescale, shockproof and anti-abrasive. Among the first pages of the Catalogue 2021 the company’s declaration of intent stands out: each product expresses the water consumption per minute at 3 Bar pressure, while in the presence of a flow regulator the maximum flow rate is declared, limited to that indicated by the regulator itself.

Damast Piuma

Damast’s agenda in the last part of the year has been very busy. What were the most important appointments?

There are two moments to highlight in the second half of the year. The first was the launch of a pet shower – an absolute novelty in 2021 – destined for the pet market, which is also on sale online on a site dedicated exclusively to it, www.showerland.it: Mafalda is a nice idea that has been successful for Christmas gifts. Then the return to the events in presence, with the participation in the SIA in Rimini in October, the only fair in Italy dedicated exclusively to hospitality and new concepts of reception, where we brought our solutions for hospitality. We have always addressed this sector to promote the importance of the moment of the shower. We share with the receptive structures the attention for the guest and we believe that the shower is a beneficial “cuddle”, which allows to start or end the day in the best way: for this reason it should never be underestimated. And again, making the customer find, in a hotel room, high-performance systems and showers, full and advanced jets, products that are beautiful to see and above all comfortable to use, allows us to satisfy that need we all have: to feel good, like at home, even when we are not at home.

Damast Pet Shower Mafalda

Goals for 2022?

Damast always has one eye on the future, looking for products that will appeal to customers and satisfy consumer needs, and even set trends. In the immediate term, although we are concerned because we are still heavily at the mercy of pandemic-related decisions, we are developing new products, particularly waterfall spouts, new built-in showerheads and silicone hoses that are soft to the touch and ultra-light, along with other new products. Certainly one of Damast’s objectives will be to increase its market share following the growth trend seen in 2021. In addition to the desire for consolidation and development in the Italian market, we will aim to expand more also abroad where we have received important feedback in the last two years. Certainly the fairs such as Cersaie and Sia will be our important appointments, together with the development of an important project still in the embryonic phase.