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Hotel Regeneration – Hybrid Restaurant, the success of Simone Micheli’s hospitality hub at Milan Design Week 2022



Hybrid Restaurant was the volcanic  exhibition, with events and performances, designed by Simone Micheli and edited by Simone Micheli Architectural Hero with the partnership of PKF hospitality group – in occasion of Milan Design Week 2022, from the 6th to the 12th June.

It took shape inside the known and well-established corner of Hotel Regeneration, beating heart of the district of Lambrate, and was marked by the dynamic sequence of conferences, meetings, content and cultural happenings, international performances, imagined to create connections between people and stimulate the dialogue between high professionals in order to do business.

On the 6th June PFK hospitality group organised a day of works by invitations, 196+ forum Milan, to the presence of relevant and international personalities in the world of hospitality. In the Agora’- conference Area, from the 7th June prestigious thematic conferences alternated, with moments of debate and confrontation, focused on investments, tourism, property development and design.

19 spaces included sixteen different installations of the contract dimension, a Conference area, a Networking area and an Outdoor – Garden area, by Architect Micheli, defined the exposition in a surface of 4000 square meters, dedicated to international newspapers and some selected masters of the kitchen.

The exhibition was composed by several iconic installations, luxurious three-dimensional hospitable splits, made in collaboration with companies: relax and wellness areas, gaming space, three-dimensional outdoor contexts, suggestive shop, Pharmacy area, space areas for long patients, office point, bar and ice cream shop, back office.

In addition to this, the evenings at the Temporary Restaurant were curated by Paco Zanobini and Elena Minari, founders of De Smart Kitchen, gastronomic hub of excellence in collaboration with the invited Chefs Samuele Bravi, Alessandro Miceli, Daniele Repetti and the Bartender Luigi Barberis.

Guests and visitors were able to live this surreal experience, in a unique location, transfigured by the Architect through its iconic sign. And now? See you next year!