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Frascio has always made handles that are an expression of the best Made in Italy design tradition, innovating products with new processing techniques and new finishes.

Known for its ability to make well-designed products with remarkable quality, Frascio has always developed interesting collaborations with qualified designers, in order to maintain a continuous dialogue in the world of design, to keep an open comparison to always improve the process, with the use of new materials and new techniques. To make innovation on the handle.

Founded as a artisanal facility, Frascio’s activity began in 1945 and its path has always developed with a special attention to new manufacturing techniques, an approach that is enhanced by Massimo Soldi, the current CEO, at the helm of the company for ten years.

The new year 2022 is an opportunity for Frascio to share with professionals and retailers some important steps from the point of view of brand recognition and communication: the renewed logo; the content proposal, with images and with video supports; leaflets dedicated to new products and a new, innovative finishes sample book.

Frascio means quality according to the sensibility of the tradition of the highest Italian craftsmanship and Made in Italy design. The strict controls, the careful assembly phase, the prompt and effective customer service are the points by means of which the company builds reputation and consideration towards customers, in Italy and worldwide in the main markets.

Frascio’s exclusive PVD finishes are the protagonists in contemporary projects, resulting from continuous experimentation for workmanship and materials, with the intention to offer distinctive cues to professionals for the customization of their project even in detail: Frascio stands as a qualified and reliable project partner for contract, hotellerie and residential situations.

Aesthetically, the choice of handles with PVD finisches allows to customize the interior in detail, creating interesting combinations with the door, but not only: the nuances available in the Frascio sample book are an invitation to create a relationship with the various elements that in the environment create a style.

Anthracite, London Night, Grey Stone, Red Copper are among the solutions that refer to an exclusive and contemporary imagery. Handles and pawls are available in exclusive nuances obtained from non-toxic materials, under Frascio guarantee – Fifteen Years Frascio Warranty.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality System Certification


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